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Indemil Started Supply Pregelatinized Starch to Local Market
Source: | Author:acrobio | Published time: 2017-01-16 | 3706 Views | Share:

The first Pregelatinized Starch production line (3000t/y) was installed in  INDEMIL INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA   Paranavai factory during May~June 2015. After half year test running, Indemil decided to invest on second production line. Indemil requested ACRO BIO-TECH ship the complete set of equipment to Brazil before May 2017, hopefully, the second line will start running before August of this year.

The Pregelatinized Starch market was keep growing during past two years in Brazil, It was obviously that Indemil had quickly catched the market and becomes to pioneer supplier.



Installation and test running site-01


Installation and test running site-02


Installation and test running site-03