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THE GRAND BANQUET OF TUBER CROPS WORLD The World Congress on Root and Tuber Crops In Nanning, Guangxi, China
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There are more than 650 participated in the world largest congress on roots and tuber crops , including researchers, technicians, entrepreneurs and sponsors from all over the world. 

The title of the Congress is: “Value Addition for Root and Tuber Crops” , the congress was called under the name of : the Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century (GCP21), the International Society of Tropical Root Crops (ISTRC), the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS), and the Guangxi Cassava Research Institute (GCRI). The Congress is organized by Dr. Claude Fauquet (GCP21), Dr. Keith Tomlins (ISTRC), Dr. Wenquam Wang (CATAS) and Dr. Yinong Tian (GCRI) and assisted with strong Local and International Organizing Committees. The aim of the organizers is to bridge as much as possible, research, development and business around root and tuber crops.  As organizers mentioned, it is essential that relationships be strengthened between these different worlds.  Breeding can be optimized for final products.  Scientists need to hear about the needs of private companies and the private sector needs to know what science and technology can achieve with modern technologies.

The congress received 585 abstracts which covered whole tuber crops value chain, from basic research (Biodiversity and Genetic Resources ) to agronomy (breeding, farming) and industrialization (harvesting, post harvest processing, value added industry etc.). 383 abstracts was recommended oral presentation during two days plenary meeting and 03 days on 24 sessions meeting, the rest of abstracts are presented on poster sessions. Participants are exciting with the abundant science & technology information, also cherish each moment to discuss how to add value to Root and Tuber Crops.

ACRO BIO-TECH proposed to develop regional Root and Tuber Crops value chain through integrated cooperative group with government supported financing tool.  


P1-Open Speech


P2- Open ceremony


P3- Plenary lecture-Cassava in a Global perspective 


P4- CHMC & ACRO booth


P5- Oral presentation-ACRO

The Technological Innovations Status of Cassava Industry


P6-Round table discussion:

The main factors on adding value to cassava production


P7-Focus Conversation

Adding Value for Root and Tuber Crops: Processing and value chains


P8-Entrepreneurs summit forum


P9-Poster paper-1


P9-Poster paper-2