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Scope of Business

ACRO BIO-TECH is committed to apply the developed mechanical and bio-chemical technology

on detailed engineering, procurement, construction, Production & Operation management for followed project:


Agriculture products processing and storage engineering, including:

Grain mechanical storage and transportation system

Paddy rice and wheat flour mills

Edible oil refinery

Starch and modified starch engineering, including:

Corn wet milling & dry milling plant

Cassava starch & flour plant

Potato / sweet potato starch plant

Starch modification plant

Starch sweeteners engineering, including:

       The factory for starch based maltose, high maltose,

maltodextrin, glucose

syrup,fructose, high fructose etc.

Alcohol & Bio energy engineering, including:

        Starch based edible alcohol production

        Bio-ethanol production

Fermentation engineering, including:

        Organic Acid & Amino Acid production