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INDEMIL CSL Evaporator & Second Corn Starch Line Started Full Production
Source: | Author:acrobio | Published time: 2015-08-16 | 4554 Views | Share:

INDEMIL INDUSTRIA E COMERCIO LTDA, located in Paranavai, Brazil, have successfully installed a new type evaporator, which mainly reuse waste vapor for corn steeping liquid evaporation, the capacity is 20tons water per hour, the test running was started on March 2015, the running report shown it�s perfect performance index.

On march of 2014, INDEMIL decided to build the second corm wet milling line to expand its capacity to 500tons per day, the installation and commissioning work was very smoothly, the new line have started full production on this July. INDEMIL team are very proud of their work, the production report shown that the product is qualified and the capacity can easily reach to 550~580tons per day.

ACRO BIO-TECH provided technical support and supplied all main equipments.

P1-20TPH Corn steeping liquid evaporator-1

P2-20TPH Corn steeping liquid evaporator-2

P3-300TPD Corn wet milling line

P4-Byproduct workshop of Corn wet milling line