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ACRO Team Members Participated in Developing Starch Deep Processing Industry in Pakistan
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Since Nov 18 of 2017, Directors of ACRO Mr. Liang GT and Mr. Liu FJ visited Wali group at Karachi Pakistan, soon afterwards Mr. Liu FJ lead SUNSSE working team designed and built Glucorp Pvt. Ltd, 50TPD Rice Syrup Plant in Karachi (Contracted by COFCO ET) during 2018~2020, then designed and built MATCO foods 200TPD Corn Wet Milling Plant (Contracted by COFCO ET) during 2020~2022. Now the team is participating in building a new corn wet milling factory in Lahore (Contracted by COAG), StarchPack 250TPD corn milling / 60TPD Glucose syrup and 25TPD modified starch line, which expected to be put into operation by the end of this year.

In the meantime, ACRO is authorized by a client from Lahore Pakistan for designing and building 1200TPD corn deep processing plant, ACRO organized Petro-chemical design team (whom designed most of large size corn wet milling plant in China) working for the project, the construction work will be started at the early of next year. 

Glucorp Pvt. Ltd, 50TPD Rice Syrup Plant

MATCO Foods 200TPD Corn Wet Milling Plant


StarchPack 250TPD Corn Wet Milling Plant

(Under construction)