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China - Republic of Congo HQCF Industrialization Technology Transfer Project Kick-off Meeting in Haikou
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  ACRO participated in the initiation, jointly applied with China Academy of Tropical Agriculture Sciences (CATAS) and Wuhan Polytechnic University, for the “China- Republic of Congo High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) Industrialization Technology Transfer Project”, under the China Ministry of Science and Technology Aid Projects to Developing Countries,  approved by China Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) on Aug 27,2020, and awarded 2.48 million CNY of special MOST fund support. Leaders of all participants and project team members held a meeting in Haikou city on the morning of October 21, made the detailed work plan for project execution, announced the two-years project work was officially launched.

        Cassava Semi-fermentation and its flavor research, cassava starch particle size and classification technology research, are the important basic theoretical research work of this project. The work scope including, based on above research, develop a set of advanced small cassava flour production equipment, install in China aid Congo Agriculture Technology Demonstration Center, through this pilot cassava process platform, demonstrating clean and high quality cassava flour production technology, and training local cassava industrialization technicians.

        Cassava is the main food material in African and South American land, in Africa, the nutritional quality, safety and sanitation level of cassava food need to be improved, the cassava flour supply is seriously insufficient due to the poor cassava industrialization status. This project, as a part of “Aid Projects to Developing Countries” by China Ministry of Science and Technology, through transferring cassava wet process new technology, build HQCF production standard, and improve the local diet structure and nutrition level by developing new cassava food, promote to realize local nutritious and healthy cassava food supply. The successful implementation of this project will also help on relieving the local food supply situation, to increase food self-sufficiency rate.

P1-1 Kick-off meeting in Haikou city

P1-2 Project team leaders 

P2-1 Project site in Brazzaville

P2-2 Conceptual of platform design