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Cassava Cheese Bread Taste Meeting in CATAS
Source: | Author:acrobio | Published time: 2014-10-10 | 2490 Views | Share:

During Sep 25~26 , 2014, an interest meeting was held in ITBB (The Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology, CATAS) multi-lab building, there were more than 30 persons (Professors, researchers, master/doctor graduate students ) participated in learning making Latin American type Cassava Cheese Bread. All participants actively joined the material preparation and cooking process. Tasting delicious Cassava Cheese Bread together with fantastic blue mountain coffee, the taste meeting room was blowing Caribbean wind.

Clayuca, ITBB and ACRO Bio-tech Co. Ltd organized the meeting. the President of Clayuca, Mr. Bernardo Ospina brought some cassava flour from Brazil and guided participants in making Cassava cheese bread.

This meeting is the the initial action to bring the traditional Latin American Cassava Cheese Bread to Chinese diet table.

Pictures group 1: Learning making Cassava Cheese Bread

Pictures group 2: Tasting and Celebration