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New Players in Brazil Corn Starch Industry
Source: | Author:acrobio | Publish time: 2014-03-10 | 1313 Views | Share:

During past three years, the corn price in Brazil was still less than one-third of the price in China, but corn products such as starch or sweeteners price was higher than China. Corn industry in Brazil has shown its great potential.

Since 2010, ACRO had chance worked for some of corn milling investors in Brazil, including a famous international company Tereos Syral, and a Brazil famous domestic starch producer Indemil.

Syral-Halotek and Indemil are growing very quick in Brazil Starch market. Indemil is planning to install second corn wet milling line in October of 2014.

Impression of Syral-Halotek-01

Impression of Syral-Halotek-02

Impression of Syral-Halotek-03

Indemil Corn Wet Milling line-01

Indemil Corn Wet Milling line-02