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Edible cassava ethanol engineering

1.   Process flow diagram

2.   Quality specification
The ethanol product should meet the special grade, the top grade and normal grade in China edible ethanol standard GB10343-2008, or base on the requirement of the client for producing neutral ethanol in higher grade.
3.   Process characteristic
3.1  Level 1 milling, low-temperature jet liquefaction, continuous saccharification, continuous fermentation, Five-column multi-effect differential pressure distillation technology.
3.2  With the application of low-temperature jet liquefaction and thermo coupling technology, The energy consumption of mash cooking could reduce about 30% than the general process; Five-column multi-effect differential pressure distillation system has remarkable effect in saving energy by using multi-level thermo coupling technology, only two columns are heated by steam, and the others are heated by residual heat, 1000L ethanol consumed 2240kg vapor for distillation; It is useful for saving electricity by using frequency conversion adjustment.
3.3  With the application of DCS control system, the degree of automation is high and the product is stable.
3.4  The layout of fermentation vessel and distillation column are designed outdoors for saving civil investment.