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Chromatographic column
    Publish time 2020-02-24 14:34    
Chromatographic column

s composition of F42 fructose syrup is about 42% fructose, 53% glucose and other sugars 5%.

When F42 fructose syrup continuously enters into chromatographic separation Ca-resin column from the top, when syrup flows through the separation column, sugars flow out from bottom of the separation column a little slower than water as adsorption of sugars by resin, and there are differences of resin adsorption intensity to different sugars, adsorption intensity of fructose is greater than that of glucose, so composition of sugars in sugars containing solution which flows out from the column first is mainly glucose, composition of sugars in outflow liquid is mainly fructose after a period of time.

When F42 fructose syrup inters into the chromatographic separation calcium-resin column from the top for a certain time, then change to water rinsing, collect effluent liquid from bottom of the column at different time interval, sugar solutions with different composition of sugars can be obtained, syrup mainly containing glucose returns back for isomerization againsugar solution mainly containing fructose will be sent to evaporation and concentration, and then F90 high fructose syrup is obtained. Repeat feed and rinse operation cycles of the separation column, glucose and fructose are separated, F90 high fructose syrup can be manufactured F42 with fructose syrup used as raw material.

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